Mindbody Yoga System

Kim White, the founder of the Mindbody Yoga System, has been training in yoga for over 25 years. She has also trained and instructed in gymnastics and dance and continues to learn and train in yoga, meditation and Buddhist energy work with her teachers in Asia. It is from these years of practical experience that Kim has developed and formalised the Mindbody Yoga System.

Mindbody Yoga is not a new style of yoga, but rather a system doing away with styles and returning to the essence of the art. In the Mindbody Yoga System we do not shy away from the real training of pure yoga, or corrupt the art to fit in to the category of new age or easy to market yoga.

Training in the system will allow you to develop a strong, functional and beautiful body. You will also gain control over your breath and the internal energies of the body, build calm concentration and clarity, and lay a strong foundation for anyone looking to traverse the spiritual path. That is the aim of Mindbody Yoga, and it is achieved by teaching yoga in its purest from.

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