I am 46 years old and have suffered from neck and back problems for most of my adult life. I have not done regular exercise for many years as I do not enjoy running or attending conventional gyms. I became interested in yoga about a year ago and started reading up on the subject and then decided to try my first yoga class 8 months ago.

I spent a long time on the internet researching yoga schools on the coast, and chose to try The Samadhi Centre in Southport (run by Kim White). Kim’s classes are structured in such a way that even if you are at beginner level, you feel confident right from the start. What I found great was that there was no obligation to join on the first visit as the first class is free, however I was hooked right from the start. I started going 3 times a week initially and as I am getting so much benefit out if, have increased it to 5 to classes a week (and would do more if time permitted).

Through regular yoga classes, my back and neck problems have virtually disappeared, and I feel extremely energetic and supple. Every class is a challenge, and it is exciting to see how far I have progressed with Kim’s help since my first class 8 months ago.

I would encourage anyone of any fitness level to try Kim’s yoga classes at the Samadhi Centre as it is real pure yoga, and you will be amazed by what it can do for you.
David Courts

Im a nomadic yogini travelling around the world where i have met many yoga teachers! and being a yoga teacher my self, i find it hard to find truely great yoga teachers that understand my body and can give me personal feedback. Kim is one of those few yoga teacher that i have met around the world that i can say that i truly learned so much from! for me she is not only a yoga instructor but a truely a great yoga TEACHER! i would highly recommend taking her classes to everyone no matter what level you are in! Miss you Lovely Kim <3
Andrea Nanda

I have been coming now for nearly 8 weeks and i feel so much more flexible and fitter. I love coming to your classes and I think you're a fantastic teacher.

I started doing yoga at the Samadhi Centre about 3 months ago now and i feel so much more flexible and fitter. I couldn't even touch my toes when I started but after practising a few times a week I can really feel the difference.

I really love going to the Samadhi Centre classes, there are exceptional teachers and I would certainly recommend to anybody considering doing yoga at any level to attend the classes.
Matt Lourey

Worst Student. Greatest Admirer.

Training with Kim was a dream realised. Experiencing Kim’s one on one tuition was something I had wished for since I met her, in my first ever Yoga class at her studio on the Gold Coast. Kim embodies many admirable qualities – both as a person and as a teacher. The qualities that stick in my mind though, when I think of Kim, are her fearless lack of resistance to what is, her ability to surrender, to truly be in the present, and her commitment to self and other improvement and striving.

I enjoyed every moment of my time with Kim in Thailand. We had a routine. I thrive on routine. Each morning we would meet in a park, by the water, and practise Yoga and Meditation together for hours. I would then ride my pushbike to the beach and take time to reflect on the morning’s practice. I would write in a diary I started for my journey and just think, wonder, and be grateful.

Those ten days were ten of the best of my life. I learned so much. I grew so much. I developed so much. And most importantly, I left Kim as a new version of myself. I left her feeling present. I left her feeling together we had accomplished more than I could have ever asked to accomplish in ten short days.

I am forever thankful for Kim and my time spent evolving and learning with her by my side. I can not highly recommend private tuition and training with Kim enough. Kim is the ultimate. I will return to Thailand to train with her again in the coming years. Of that, I haven’t a shred of doubt.

Please, if you have any questions about my time spent developing my Yoga practice and technique with Kim, feel free to contact me on Kylie.Hough@student.griffith.edu.au

Metta, Kylie

A simply wonderful way to socialise, relax energize and ejoy your evenings. I cannot recommend the Samadhi Centre highly enough, the classes have just the right balance of mind and body work out. Excellent.
David and Hazuki


"So thankful for the Asana Siddhi Workshop. Kim is a great teacher, so real and approachable. I was having such a hard time trying to meditate, just could not quiet my mind. Now, thanks to Kim White, I can start on my journey of breathing through the noise, to let go and hopefully come closer to centre. Must remember "Breath and relax in the pose" " Amelia
Amelia, Athens, Alabama

I am a 61 years old and have been enjoying yoga classes three times a week at The Samadhi Centre, Southport for about ten months. I have been reasonably active for much of my life, but am by no means athletic, and had never practised yoga before.

Participants are all ages, and have a range of skill and experience, from beginners like me to a high level. Kim and The Samadhi Centre instructors provide an atmosphere where you are challenged, encouraged and assisted to progress, but never made to feel concerned that you are not as skilled as others. And in case that all sounds too serious, I should also add that they include a nice balance of fun and humour.

While my fitness and flexibility have progressed at a modest but satisfying pace, I have also benefited greatly from their background emphasis on mental discipline and relaxation. Improving these skills has assisted me greatly in my approach to life issues every day of the week.

And above all, Kim and Stefanie, in their approach to the classes and to life, provide me with inspiration to keep going in this direction by following their example as much as I am able.
Rod Miller

I am really enjoying the yoga you are a very good teacher. The people who go are very nice, which makes it a very enjoyable experience.

Never have I come across such a brilliant yoga teacher as Kim. I have been training with her for almost 3 months now and I feel as if I have been doing it for years. When I first started I would look at the intermediates and think to myself its going to take me years before I can do that and now I am almost up to their level. Kim is an amazing teacher she works with you on every level, and then some. She taps right into you on a much higher frequency, even when I am not at class I can feel Kims guidance with me every step. After every lesson I leave the Samadhi Centre feeling so good and centred within myself and I didn't think just a yoga class could have so much impact on my day to day life. I am truly blessed to be able to learn from such a magnificent teacher as Kim.
Samantha Lee

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