Sala Samadhi is a Raja/ Hatha yoga centre that brings together like minded people who wish to practise and train in the true internal arts of Yoga.

Our current weekly timetable is detailed below.

MONDAY 9.30am Hatha Yoga Sala Samadhi
6.30pm Vinyasa Yoga Sala Samadhi
TUESDAY 7.00am Morning Yoga Flow
Sala Samadhi
4.30pm Hatha Yoga Sala Samadhi
6.00pm Yin Yoga Santosa Wellness Center
7.30pm Tibetan Bowl Sound Relaxation
Sala Samadhi
WEDNESDAY 6.30am Yin Yoga Sala Samadhi
8.30am Hatha Yoga Sala Samadhi
6.00pm Guided Meditation
Sala Samadhi
THURSDAY 9.30am Vinyasa Yoga
Sala Samadhi
4.30pm Power Yoga
Sala Samadhi
6.00pm Aerial Yoga Santosa Wellness Center
7.30pm Yoga Nindra
Sala Samadhi
FRIDAY 8.30am Power Yoga Sala Samadhi
4.30pm Hatha Yoga Sala Samadhi
SATURDAY 9.00am Yin Yoga
Sala Samadhi

Sala Samadhi Casual price ฿350 per person.
Unlimited one month – ฿2800
10 visit yoga pass ฿3000 (valid for 4 months)
The other yoga class locations prices range from 350b-400b

Beginner to intermediate levels welcome to all classes.
Private yoga classes are also available. Ajahn Kim tailors private yoga classes to each individuals needs. Please contact us for more details and availability.

ONE-ON-ONE yoga privates are also available:
-One off class – 2500b per class
-Two or more classes in a week – 2000b per class
-Block of 10 classes, paid upfront – 15,000b

Online yoga classes also available – Please Contact for More Details

  • Class Descriptions.
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